Reginald Skullinski
Full Name: Reginald Skulinski
Gender: Male
Relationships: Zee (girlfriend)
Homeplace: Mayville, Wisconsin, USA
Age: 20
Appeared in: Monster House
Species: Human
Status: Alive
Portrayed by: Jon Heder

Reginald Skulinski, also known as Skull is a hardcore gamer and the sole employee of Pizza Freek.


DJ and Chowder seem to know him as they gave him the nickname "skull." He is an expert on the arcade game game 'Thou Art Dead' and even Zee says Skull makes time for her and gives her the respect she deserves. He usually plays around too much and annoys some people, but he does it unintentionally.

DJ and Chowder call Skull the smartest guy on Earth And also gives advice to DJ, Chowder and Jenny in the game version.

Background Edit

According to Chowder, Reginald once played Thou Art Dead for 4 days straight, on one quarter, a gallon of chocolate milk and an adult diaper. Reginald has been on many travels to the video store and comic book conventions and has seen many strange and wonderous things. leading to him possessing knowledge about monster houses


  • Skull is also seen in the video game but it did not show his face. He talked in the GameCube version and the GBA version but was not seen in the DS version and does not talk.
  • He is voiced by Jon Heder who also played Napoleon Dynamite. Giving Skull a similar resemblence to him.