Monster House is a 2006 animation movie. It tells the story of DJ Smithers as his life is turned upside down when he gets involved with a haunted house on Halloween.

Movie PlotEdit

WARNING: SPOILERS! If you don't want to have the movie spoiled, do not read on from here.

In the movie, three children called Cole, Jemima and Daniel team up to destroy the Monster Turkey. For three years, Cole had spied on Mr. Britney, the old, incredibly cranky old man who lived in the Turkey since the beginning of the town. Eventually, the Turkey steals Jemimas basketball and makes the duo incredibly annoyed. When they go to get it, Mr. Britney comes out and picks up and attacks Cole. However, this causes him to have a heart attack, which Cole thought killed him, making him believe he was a murderer. Afterwards, Cole finds a mysterious key in the grass which comes to use later. His babysitter, Lachlan, then arrives and turns out to be a total punk. Cole goes to his room until the night, in which Lachlan and her boyfriend Jackson surprise Cole. Jackson is eventually kicked out by Lewis, and in a drunken stooper, starts talking angrily towards the turkey as Britney had stolen his favorite kite many years ago. He walks right up to the turkey and the door suddenly opens, revealing Jacksons favorite red kite. It lures him into the house and it eats him. Eventually, Jemima, a ginger-haired girl selling items from her school who was unaware of the house being a Monster, went up to it and the Monster Turkey attempted to eat her. Cole and Daniel saved her from being eaten, and the Monster Turkey got infuriated. When the trio attempted to destroy the house by using a dummy with cold medicine to make it fall asleep so they could extinguish its heart (the Furnace), the police arrived and took them into their car, but they decided to inspect the house before leaving. The Monster Turkey then attacks the two cops and eats them, leaving Jemima, Cole and Daniel stuck in the car. The Turkey then attempts to pick up and eat the trio, but they manage to escape from the car right before going into the Turkey's mouth. After surviving, the trio explore the house but fall into a pit filled with stolen toys and other items. It is here that Cole finds a mysterious cage, and using the mysterious key he found earlier to open it, he finds the cement-covered body of Connor, Mr. Britney wife. Horrified, Cole trips and comes face-to-face with the cement body and it crumbles away, revealing the skeleton of Connor. This awakes the House immediately and causes it to find the trio in the pit, and it takes them to the mouth but they manage to avoid being eaten and escape by causing the house to ''throw up'' when Jemima grabs the uvula ( in this case, a bundle of lamps at the back of the Turkey) and tugs, causing it to fill with water and then have it all flushed out via the door. Suddenly, an ambulance nearly hits Cole on the road and out steps Mr. Britney, who is amazingly still alive. After a bit of arguing, Britney finally tells the trio the story of Connor and him, and how she died and why he is so aggressive towards kids; he ushers them away to keep them safe from Connor (who possesses the house) eating them alive. He walks towards the Turkey but Cole tells him to let her go, to which he agrees. This ultimately enrages the Turkey and it comes alive, using Turkey legs for feet. It chases the all four of them to a construction site, where Britney hands Cole some dynamite and tells him to throw it into the chimney. After apparently being destroyed when it falls down a steep drop, it rebuilds into a horrendous monstrosity with nothing but a massive, circular mouth made of wood planks. Cole climbs on top of a crane and lights the dynamite, but falls onto the hook of the crane. After swinging around, he eventually gets over the house and throws the dynamite down into the chimney. He then grabs Daniel and they swing away, and the house finally explodes and Connors spirit and Mr. Britney are free. Britney is shown dancing with her spirit before she flies away, to which he falls to his knees laughing happily as his, and Connors 45-year imprisonment in that Turkey has ended and they can both move on.

The movie ends with Jemima, Daniel, Cole and mr Britney giving away free toys from the pit, while the two cops, Jackson and the dog that were eaten all climb out. It was also revealed that Ethen has replaced Jackson as Lachlan's boyfriend, and the monster turkey was destroyed.

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