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Mr. Nebbercracker Growls

In his older days and the lost of the one he loved so long ago.

Mr.Horace Nebbercracker is a character in the film Monster House. As a young man in the late 1930s, he attends a freak show event where he falls in love with "Constance the Giantess", one of the "attractions".
Mr. Nebbercracker young

In his younger days

After the other audience members throw tomatoes at Constance Pothead and the kids laugh, Constance yells and clutches her chest, breathing heavily. This continues until long after the show is over. later that night, Horace frees Constance and they escape. Horace shows Constance an empty lot where he intends to build them a house, and Constance is jubilant. In 1940 they wed. By 1945, the house is partially built. On Halloween 1945, kids come and taunt Constance, throwing rocks at her; she calls to Horace and he promises his rattled wife that he won't let them hurt her...then an egg hits Constance and she angrily grabs Horace's axe to go after the kids, but Horace restrains her; she loses her balance due to her obese weight, grabs a lever for balance, which fails to steady her, and she falls down into the basement, likely dying of a crushed spine. The cement falls onto her and buries her; Horace completes the house in her memory. s wife's spirit makes the house come alive and Horace pretends to hate children and drive them away from the property to protect them.

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