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Mr. Nebbercracker Growls
Horace Nebbercracker, is DJ's crabby neighbor who lives across the street from DJ in the "Monster House".

Monster House filmEdit

Mr. Nebbercracker, or simply known as Nebbercracker to some characters, appears to be mean and heartless to anyone on his lawn, but only because he is afraid his house will attack the person. If any object lands on his lawn, he takes it, and keeps it in his basement. He is likely at his 60s or 70s, because he cannot run very fast. He met his wife, Constance, at a circus when he was much younger, and despite her obesity and apparent "anger issues", Nebbercracker was in love with her. That night when Constance was locked in the circus car, Nebbercracker helped her escape from the circus, and married her. Only a little later, their house began construction, and that's when the trouble began. Children always mocked Constance for her body, and often threw eggs, tomatoes, and rocks at her. Once, when the children laughed at Constance, and she said she was going to "rip them to bits". Mr. Nebbercracker then told her, "As long as I'm here, I will never let anybody hurt you." The children continued their throwing, and Constance tried to use the ax that Nebbercracker was holding to hurt the children, but he grabbed the ax back from Constance. This made her lose her footing, and to regain her unruly balance, she pulled the switch on the cement dispenser. She fell into the darkness of the unfinished house (Where the basement was dug), and the cement fell on her as well, drying over time, suffocating and killing her. Nebbercracker finished the house for Constance's sake. He had to take precautions on that one night of every year, Halloween, for he was aware that Constance's spirit caused the house to come alive, and there was the risk of the house attacking innocent children trick-or-treating. DJ finally convinced Mr. Nebbercracker to let the Constance go. Mr. Nebbercracker tried to blow the house up with dynamite, trying to tell Constance that it was the best for her. The house disarmed him, and he left the task of destruction to DJ. After DJ successfully destroyed the house, he spent his final moments with Constance's spirit who was now free from the house, and thanked him saying that "for forty-five years, we've been trapped for 45 years, and now we're free!". That Halloween night, instead of candy, he handed out the toys and other various items to their previous owners including the little girl's bike.

Personality  Edit

Although he appears in the beginning as a scary and mean old man but just trying to keep anyone safe from his house. He hates his fat ass wife "Constance" which after her death, she haunted the house. While Mr. Nebbercracker is a selfish, cruel, and child-hating man, he is in reality compassionate and cares for the well-being of others, and doesn't like seeing anyone hurt.


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