Constance Nebbercracker (1931 – 1960), formerly known as Constance the Giantess, is the main antagonist of Monster House. She is Mr. Nebbercracker's housewife who doesn't like children. After being annoyed by children for years, Constance finally went insane one day and tried to hurt two kids, which resulted in her death and her spirit taking over the house. At the end of the film, the house exploded after DJ dropped a stick of dynamite in the chimney, thus freeing Constance's spirit.0


Early lifeEdit


Constance and Nebbercracker c. 1959-1960

When she younger she was once a circus star. Later that night, a youthful Nebbercracker approached her and accidentally startled her. After comforting her, he offers to take her away from the circus, thus making Constance feel overjoyed.

The next day, Nebbercracker takes Constance somewhere and has her close her eyes and when she opens them after being told to, she becomes jubilant to see an empty place where they can now build their home. Afterwards, Constance marries Nebbercracker.

While they continue to build the house one day, two neighborhood kids are intent on playing a funny Halloween prank, and they throw stuff at Constance as she yells at them to get away from her house. After chopping a piece of wood from Constance's cage off, Nebbercracker overhears Constance in trouble and runs to her aid. After Constance tells her the kids are attacking her house, Nebbercracker tells her they're just kids and it's Halloween, but she ignores him by saying it's her house and the kids are hurting it. Trying to calm his wife down, Nebbercrackers tells her to look at him as he says he'll never let anyone mess with her as long as he's with her. Suddenly, an egg hits her and this makes her try to attack the children with Nebbercracker's axe. Nebbercracker tried to take the axe back from Constance, but this made her lose her balance. Trying to steady herself, Constance grabbed onto a lever, only to fall and be buried in cement in the house's basement.

Following Constance's death, Nebbercracker completed the house as Constance would've wanted that. Although she died, her spirit didn't leave, so Nebbercracker was forced to take precautions and pretend to be a child hater in order to save children from Constance's wrath.

In Monster HouseEdit


Constance is an insane, child-hating person. she only likes Mr. Nebbercracker. And hates it when DJ tells her mr nebbercracker to “let her go” and try to kill DJ, Chowder and Jenny.

mr Nebbercracker ordered Constance to leave DJ, Chowder, and Jenny alone. As he tries to reason with her, Nebbercracker tells Constance she has hurt people and it needs the end.

After the house is destroyed, Constance's spirit was put rest and most likely let go of her grudge against people.


  • In early drafts of the film Reveled that concepts for Constance’s character are not used due to deemed to be too disturbing to keep the PG rateding:
  • the house possessed by Constance have human organs.
  • when chowder discovers a mirror, Constance‘s ghost appear on the mirror and attack him.
  • She is voice by Kathleen Turner.
  • In the video game version of the movie there was a mannquin of her as a boss fight in the GameCube and GBA, but not in the DS version.
  • it is unknown mannquin of her is going to appear in app game version since it is not available anymore (which was also unknown as well.) and it is also unknown mannquin of her is going to appear in the Xbox version since it was cancelled.
  • she not seen and talk about in the DS version of the movie.