Bones is a typical punk rock star, who is the ex-boyfriend of Zee. He first appeared when he scared DJ. He is a minor antagonist who appears for only a short amount of time. He is taken by the house when it baits him to come close by using his kite, which was previously taken by Nebbercracker. He appears again at the end of the movie.


Bones has a very humorous, playful personality. He often pulls pranks and he listens to heavy metal music. He acts very harsh towards DJ, and lacks "respect for women".


  • Bones is the only villain who didn't reform.
  • He is portrayed by Jason Lee.
  • He is the first character to be taken by the house (on-screen).
  • He is the ex-boyfriend of Zee, later replaced by Skull.
  • He is a member of a band.

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